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current obsessions;; borrowing books from the library, sleeping when it's cold outside and the window is open, alex pettyfer, sam evans/rachel berry (glee), chord overstreet, caroline forbes (tvd), jeff/annie (comm.), man vs food, hunter parrish, tyler/caroline (tvd), sons of anarchy, charlie hunnam, andrew garfield, jess/rory (gilmore girls), gilmore girls, emma stone, damon/elena (tvd), lissie, childish gambino, amber heard, leighton meester/garrett hedlund, callie/arizona (grey's anatomy), tea/michelle/tony (mtv skins), franky/mini (skins third gen.), gale/katniss/peeta (the hunger games), lisbeth salander (millennium trilogy), franky fitzgerald (skins third gen.), mini mcguinness (skins third gen.), tea (mtv skins), michelle (mtv skins), miranda, poptarts,

always;; lea michele, kathryn prescott, megan fox, evan rachel wood, tragically hip, mickey rourke, hayley williams, outlander novels, mark ruffalo, matthew good band, devon sawa,

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